Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sports Horn Interviews Texas Tech Guard Luke Adams

Interview With Texas Tech Guard Luke Adams

The Texas Tech Red Raiders won just Big XII game during the 2011/2012 basketball season. They finished the year 8-23 overall, in fact. But as the season got underway this year, there was a player that caught my attention. A wiry, 5'9 150 pound kid who wore always seemed to be sporting a white UnderArmor headband during games. That kid was Luke Adams, a freshman guard for the Red Raiders. He was a prolific high school player, averaging almost 27 points a game as a senior for Big Springs High, but had few Division 1 offers to play basketball. Luke also has unique disposition on the basketball court: He was born deaf. In fact, he wears the headband during games to keep his cochlear implants in place so that he can hear the referees whistle, coaches plays, and teammates while on the court. Luke was kind enough to answer some questions for us recently that we sent him via facebook:

SPORTS HORN: Luke, first, tell us what it was like making the transition from high school to Division 1 basketball this year. You were obviously very prolific high school player!

LUKE: It was a big adjustment. I played a lot with Junior college players at howard junior college in Big Spring. I played with players such as Jae Crowder at Marquette so I have been around some great players.My dad Mark Adams is the coach there. That obviously helped but adjusting to the Big 12 is almost impossible to do. Obviously you have to work hard every single day. I scored alot in high school around 27pts a game. Half the games were box and 1 defenses. 16 to be exact. Scoring in high school helped but it still didnt get me many offers to play div 1 ball which was my dream. many coaches still said I am too small, not talented enough, or just couldnt play at this level especially the big 12. High school helped me a lot but mainly God helping and leading me through the doubts of everyone else. I knew that HAVE to be the most skilled player, smart and especially tough. I still have a long way to go and need to improve a lot. 

SPORTS HORN:  You seem like a very personable guy. One TV broadcaster said that you loved making new friends on facebook! Do you consider yourself to have an outgoing personality?

LUKE:   haha well I try to be outgoing as possible. I want to give back to the people who have supported me. I have been blessed to be where I am and hopefully motivate and change other peoples lives. 

SPORTS HORN:  Obviously, you play basketball with cochlear implants. Tell us what that experience is like. Do they hamper you at all while you are playing?

LUKE: My cochlear implants have changed my life. I was loseing hearing in my right ear. I am extremly blessed to get a cochlear. I was born deaf and the dr. told my parents at age 3 that I would never read above a second grade level, and they should ship me to a deaf school in austin texas to learn to sign and live in the deaf world. My parents never gave up and God helped them to stay strong. They are the reason why I am where I am. I am extremly blessed and grateful for that. Playing with it isn't so bad, I haven't really thought about. I do not have a choice. I try not to feel sorry for myself bc people don't really care. I know that sounds harsh. lol 

SPORTS HORN:  How do opposing players treat you? Do you feel like any guys were out there talking trash to you? Or were you mostly treated with respect during your first year?

LUKE:  I think opposing players treated me a little different because they knew and thought I didn't belong on the court and in reality I do not. But that is how my whole life has been so I can not control what they think. I did not hear much trash talking and if they did I probably did not hear them very well. lol

SPORTS HORN:  How do you feel about Texas Tech basketball moving forward with Billy Gillespie? Many people think he will turn that program around very quickly.

LUKE:  Gillespie is a great coach and his specialty is turning around programs. He works harder than anyone in the country and I have confidence he will make us a top 25 team in the years to come.

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