Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Definitive Star Rating System for Single Females

It's time to throw down the gauntlet. Guys have been trying to put numbers, or letters on girls they see in public for years. "Oh she's about an 8.5," or "A+ right there." Now, what I will be doing is creating a definitive rating system in which females can be fairly judged. This will be a star system, one very similar to the system of rating college athletic recruits. They base their stars (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest) on many criteria. 40 times, size, speed, strength, statistics etc. So now, you will be able to fairly assign a star to the next chick you go on an awkard date with. There are also different categories that must be employed in each situation to adequately find a rating.  So here it is:

Note: There is an obvious separate rating system based on looks alone. You obviously don't know how many kids the petit blonde has that you just saw from across the bar. Is she cute? Give her a rating. And do not throw out 5 star ratings quickly. That is reserved for the upper 10 percent of hot chicks out there only! Oh and married women are not involved in this rating system. The star system is set up to protray just how datable a chick is aside from just her looks so married women are out. Give them a star rating based on their looks and move on!

* (1 star) Obviously a 1 star single chick is going to have some problems, guys. Starting in the looks department, most likely going to be subpar. But guess what, 1 star prospects sometimes wind up walking on to college football teams (football analogies will be prevalent) and playing a little bit! So if you get at least one star you have something to offer the world. A 1 star prospect will probably have at least 2 kids and you can count on some drama with her ex's. She's going to be the type that has "all guy friends" and claims to "hate drama" but actually lives for it.

** (2 star) Ok, a 2 star has a little bit of potential here. Afterall, ex Mizzou receiver Danario Alexander was a 2 star recruit and is now in the NFL after breaking several receiving records! But unfortunately for a two star talent, that is the exception not the rule. In the looks department, there are going to have to be a few flaws but she can be up to about  a 4 in the looks department. What drags down a 2 star is going to be an excess of children, typically different fathers, a bad personality, no sense of humor, etc. a 4 star chick in the looks department that possesses all the necessary baggage, yep probably going to drop her to a 2 star rating.

*** (3 star) This is going to be the vast majority of females in the dating world. Status quo. Most collegiate prospects are 3 star recruits for a reason. They have a lot of potential, but as of yet, they are not superstars. Basically, if you can snag a solid 3 star your doing pretty well for yourself. A 3 star can still have kids, but is not involved physically with all of their fathers still. She is doing well for herself career wise, or going to school so ambition has to be shown. A 3 star can still jerk you around a little bit, probably will flirt with guys on facebook. Won't tell guys to stop texting her, etc,  Although she could even be a 5 star in the looks department and possibly dragged down by any number of other issues.

**** (4 star) Now we're talking. If you can nab one of these, you better do it. A 4 star most likely has to have 0 kids. If she does it has to be one, and she has to be an amazing mother and she can have no drama with childs dad or other ex's. She has a full time job (or, again, goes to school) and likes to do fun things and can adapt easily to any environment. Likes to hang out with your friends and family and in general. Very hard to come across a 4 star talent because most of them are married. She most likely will turn away guys who try to flirt with her on fb or via text, and probably has to be at least as hot as any of the girls from Bret Michaels "Rock of Love" Although you have to be careful because with a 4 star, expectations are high! They are expected to produce, and it can be devastating if they let you down in certain ways.

***** (5 star) The rarest of the rare. You will most likely never come across a 5 star talent. If you do, marry her tomorrow. This is going to be an insanely hot girl, who has her stuff together, doesn't have kids, is ambitious, funny, know any chicks like that? Me either. You would have to scour the united states with a magnifying glass to come across a 5 star who is available to date you. It would have to be literally the Kelly Kapowski character from Saved By the Bell walking into your life and blowing you away. Good luck with that. Most likely, the only way a 5 star is single is if she is a college student (over 21 of course), or has been locked in someones basement all their lives until the moment they meet you.

So there you have it, start assigning stars right away and always feel free to contact me with more ideas on how to improve the ratings system. Below listed are all categories which must be taken into account (if the info is available) when rating a female.

Looks- Obvious.

Personality- Typically what drags a girl down, but in some cases, can help notch a less-good-looking chick up another star level. Is she witty? or is she bascially mad at the world all the time?

Children- How many does she have? Is she partying every night with them in her care, or is she a good mom who is looking to do the right thing for her and the child. Very key to differentiate early when trying to date a woman with a child.

Ambition- Does she have a job? Does she have interests/hobbies? If watching the "bad girls club" is the only thing this chick likes to do, your going to have to give her a low ambition rating.

history of guy friends- Does this girl seem to have a lot of scruffy looking guys commenting all over her facebook, being passive aggressive and flirty? Does the girl just crave attention from any guy who will give it to her? Or is she good at deflecting them? Better find out!

Drama- A very broad topic which certainly takes into account may things including some of the categories listed. But in the drama department focus on a few things: Does she make batty facebook posts constantly? Things like "the cops are here, i'm safe now, i never want to see Dan again!" Yeah thats going to get you a very low star in the drama category.  Does her ex still stalk her? Is she involved in a custody battle? Does she go out at night with her friends and lose her phone, debit card? If she is realitively drama free give her a good rating here and its going to up her overall rating for sure.

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