Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mizzou/Georgia Game Signals Victory for Tiger Faithful

Mizzou fans, today is yours. Yes, it took quite a while to get here, and there was a bump or two along the way. You have endured 5th downs, kicked balls, Tyus Edney and phrases like "wait till basketball season" to get to this place. You have endured years of losing football, getting mauled by Nebraska, and Quin Snyder to get to this place. But Tiger fan, rest assured that the battle is done, and you have endured. Gary Pinkel has been positioning the program in place for this journey for over a decade now, and today the nation will have the opportunity to witness the fruits of his labor. If you think that Mizzou is not prepared for this, you are wrong. You are dead wrong.

Today, your Missouri Tigers will face the 6th ranked Georgia Bulldogs in front of 71,000 on national tv. Yes, those Georgia Bulldogs. The Hershel Walker, SEC powerhouse, between-the-hedges Georgia Bulldogs. By playing this team, on this day, Mizzou officially joins the club. The SEC welcomed the Missouri Tigers into its storied conference almost 10 months ago, and today those rewards shall be reaped. Be warned, your former Big 12 friends do not know how to handle this. They will snear cliches like "you will get killed in the SEC." And who knows, they may be right. But you have a seat at the table....and they do not. Today, all of America will watch to see if this new kid on the block is ready for this battle, and because of that fact, it is abundantly clear that we already are.

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