Monday, December 6, 2010

Sports Horn Interviews Mizzou quarterback Ashton Glaser

Recently, we were lucky enough to get an interview with Mizzou sophomore backup quarterback Ashton Glaser. Ashton was a 3 star recruit coming by way of Springdale, Arkansas and was highly touted coming out of high school but chose to come to Missouri and immediately wanted to compete for the starting job. For two years, he has been battling and working hard playing behind incumbant QB Blaine Gabbert.

Ashton, describe your experience at Mizzou so far.

My experience at MIZZOU so far has been made up of a lot of ups and downs. The downs were mainly when I first got here. I didn't really know what to expect when I got here and I didn't have much guidance seeing as we didn't have a returning starter to show me the ropes... Blaine was my big brother but we were all competing for the starting spot.. I wish I could go back and do it again BC I would have made the best of it.

What is your favorite place to eat in Columbia?

Favorite place to eat in Columbia... I really enjoy stadium bar and grill. Those burgers and chicken sandwiches are delicious! I also gotta give a good shout out to "George's" off lake of the woods exit. Great friends there and awesome food!

You came here as a freshman in 2009 fight for the starting QB job. Do you feel like you've gotten better as a player backing up Blaine Gabbert?

I absolutely have improved 100 percent since the time that I got here. To be honest last year I was praying they wouldn't put me in BC I wasn't ready. Now this year I come off the field wishing that I could have helped... I hate bein on the bench. I'm not used to it ans I never will be. Thats why I asked to be on kickoff this year to up my chances of seeing the field.

The Tigers are most likely headed to Arizona for a bowl trip. Do you feel like Missouri gets slighted by bigger bowls like the Cotton this year?

I think we deserve to be at a BCS bowl at large. I mean we did beat the big 12 champs didn't we?!? Haha either way we are determined to have an absolute blast and come back with an 11-2 season.

We all want to see #16 on the field at some point. When do we get to make this happen??

You see gerau on the field every week so what are you talkin about? Haha you guys will see me on the field one way or another. I'm workin my (tail) off to get out there BC, like I said, I hate being on the bench and I'm not used to it whatsoever.....

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