Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cade Gosch and Clint Switzers Movie All-American Football Team

While sitting around drinking egg nogg on Christmas Eve, my cousin Cade and I decdied to compile a list of our favorite (and the best) football characters from movies. Here is the list we've come up with and we would love to hear feedback!

1. Willie Beaman- Any Given Sunday
2. Paul Crew- Longest Yard
3. Shane Falco- The Replacements

1. Boobie Miles- Friday Night Lights
2. Chris Comer- Friday Night Lights
3. Wendell Brown- Varsity Blues

1. Turley- Longest Yard
2. Don Billingsly- Friday Night Lights

1. Deacon Moss- Longest Yard
2. Charlie Tweeter- Varsity Blues
3. Terrell Owens- Any Given Sunday
4. Clifford Franklin- The Replacements
5. Junior Floyd- The Little Giants

1. Michael Oher- The Blind Side
2. Andre Jackson- The Replacements
3. Jamal Jackson- The Replacements
4. Billy Bob- Varsity Blues
5. Louis Lastik- Remember the Titans

1. Steve Lattimer- The Program
2. Ivory Christian- Friday Night Lights
3. Julies Campbell- Remember the Titans
4. Rudy Ruettiger- Rudy

1. Bobby Bouscher- The Waterboy
2. Luther “Shark” Lavay- Any Given Sunday
3. Alvin Mack- The Program
4. Gary Bertier- Remember the Titans

1. Steph Djorjevic- All the Right Moves
2. Brian Chavez- Friday Night Lights
3. Randy Steel- Rudy

1. Ray Finkle – Ace Ventura

Return Man
1. Forrest Gump- Forrest Gump

Head Coach- Gary Gaines- Friday Night Lights
Assistant Head- Herman Boone- Remember the Titans
Offensive Coordinator- Tony D’Amato- Any Given Sunday
Defensive Coordinator- Bill Yost- Remember the Titans

Honorable Mention
QB- Johnathon Moxon- Varsity Blues
Mike Winchell- Friday Night Lights
Lance Harbor- Varsity Blues
Capp Roney- Any Given Sunday
Ronnie Bass- Remember the Titans
Jerry “Rev” Harris- Remember the titans
Joe Cain- The Program
Reno Hightower- The Best of Times

RB- Julian Washington- Any Given Sunday
Spike- Little Giants
Megget- Longest Yard
Darnell Jefferson- The Program
Earl Wilkerson- The Replacements

WR- Daniel Murphy- The Replacements
Jack Dundee- The Best of Times

OL- Blue Stanton- Remember the Titans
Jumbo- The Replacememnts

DL- Cheeseburger Eddy- The Longest Yard

LB-Danny Bateman- The Replacements
Petey Jones- Remember the Titans

DB- Allen Bosley- Remember the Titans

K- Nigel “The Leg” Gruff- The Replacements

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