Monday, November 29, 2010

Chiefs Take the Show on the Road

 The Kansas City Chiefs went into a hostile road environment and landed knockout blows early and often against the NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks. Despite some monumental special teams gaffes early on, Matt "The Hitman" Cassel and his henchman Dwayne "I'm just Dwayne" Bowe made Chiefs fans forget (if only for a moment) their early season disasters. Cassel had (arguably) his best game as a Chief tossing 4 td's and 0 interceptions making him among the league's top qb's in this category.

The only problem is that San Diego is gaining on the Chiefs in the Western Division; and fast. The Chargers pummeled The Colts Sunday night to inch to within a games reach of the Chiefs. A loss at San Diego in three weeks time could prove fatal to Kansas City's playoff plans. Every team in the AFC Playoff picture holds a tiebreaker over the Chiefs, including San Diego should the teams wind up splitting their series. The Chiefs must hope for a Chargers upset somewhere down the stretch or must tackle the unimaginable task of winning on the road with the division on the line.

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