Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mizzou roars to 10-2 after winning 'Border Ticklefight"

Mizzou receiver T.J. Moe started off this years "Border Showdown" week spewing hatred towards his KU counterparts. "Everytime I see a KU shirt, I want to burn it," Moe said. " I don't give them credit for anything." Moe and the Missouri Tigers backed up the claims by beating KU 35-7 inside an unseasonabaly warm Arrowhead Stadium Saturday which capped off a 10 win season for the Tigers.

It appeared Kansas waved the white flag early while coming out of the Arrowhead Stadium tunnel wearing all white. The Jayhawks pretty much went into fetal position the minute the game started and never really uttered a whimper. Missouri can now sit back and await a solid bowl game while Kansas goes back to the drawing board with first year head coach Turner Gill.

Another item of note here was the attendance for this game: 55,873 (mostly gold clad) fans. It's time to move this game back to campuses if KU is not going to be competitive in football. Basketball magnet schools like Kansas should not be showcased in big game situations with legit football programs.

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