Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top 10 Horror Movies 2000-2009

1. Saw (2004). A tremendous horror/thriller along the lines of "Se7en" which came out nearly a decade before. "Saw" in its original form was true horror greatness before the series became more like a slightly scarier version of "CSI." This movie would help define the first decade of the 2000's by introducing us to the "torture" genre which would both excite and inevitably bore people for the next several years.

2. Session 9 (2001). A bit of an underdog sliding into the 2 spot, "Session 9" is a  cerebral and psychologically torturous horror film that will likely haunt you long after the ending credits roll. The abandoned asylum setting creates the perfect canvas for the madness that ensues as a group of workers slowly decent into madness while trying to renovate the place.

3. Jeepers Creepers (2001). For 60 minutes, "Jeepers Creepers" is as perfect a horror film as you will ever see. Director Victor Salva creates an awesome horror atmosphere as somone (or some thing) is stalking a group of kids road tripping home from college. The end result may have disappointed many viewers but credit must be given to the originality displayed here.

4. High Tension (2005). "Haute Tension" is a French film that follows a girl who is trying to thwart a brutal killer's attempt to kidnap her best friend after murdering her entire family. "High Tension" sums this movie up brilliantly and provides a very edgy twist in the end that will leave you wondering what in the world you just watched.

5. Skeleton Key (2005). Such a great movie on so many levels. The Louisiana bayou is a perfect backdrop for this thriller which deals with the practice of "hoodoo" and its effect on those who believe in it. Kate Hudson actually turns in a solid performance here as she tries to uncover the secretes of hoodoo magic.

6. The Decent (2005). This is a movie that attacks you from several different directions and preys on several of your worst fears all in one 90 minute masterpiece. A group of women head into an uncharted cave system and encounter a bit more than a slight case of claustrophobia. The terror builds throughout this film as you start feeling that the women's chances of escape are minimal and that is even before they uncover blood-thirsty, human-like creatures.

7. The Strangers (2008). The beauty of "The Strangers" is in the simplicity. A couple is being stalked by a group of individuals in masks for seemingly no reason at all. The use of odd country music and the stunning visuals really help build the dread very slowly. Stephen King referred to one moment in the film in particular as "the true definition of horror."

8. Funny Games (2007). This is a remake of a German film that breaks all the rules and comes at you in a very unconventional style. Two quirky acting gentleman stumble upon a family's vacation home where things quickly turn into one psychologically distressing "game" after another. It is a film that sticks with you for days after you have viewed it. It is certainly uncomfortable to watch at times and could be considered abstract art for the horror genre.

9. House of 1,000 Corpses (2003). Director Rob Zombie's first film, "House of 1,000 Corpses" is a visually stunning, horror thrill ride that pays homage to classic horror films of the 70's and 80's. Some fans actually prefer the sequal "The Devil's Rejects" which was completely different and took  more of a "Natural Born Killers" approach but "House" was a very solid effort given that it was Zombie's first foray into film making.

10. House of the Devil (2009). A creepy little atmospheric film that takes place in the 1980's (which certainly adds to the tone of the movie). The pacing is slow at times, but the payoff is very solid as a girls' house sitting job quickly turns horrifying. They actually released this on VHS back in 2009 to play off the 80's vibe and the film is definitely a throw back of sorts.

Honorable mentions: Trick R Treat, Hostel, Paranormal Acticity, REC (Quarantine), The Ring, Ju-on (The Grudge), Drag Me To Hell, Orphan, The Fourth Kind

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