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Motley Crue 'Red Hot' in Miami

September 14th, 2014

Motley Crue's third show in the state of Oklahoma in as many days solidified the fact that the band is still capable of delivering a great rock show to a raucous crowd. An overflow crowd over over 10,000 invaded the outdoor amphitheater at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, OK on this night and never let up as the band torched through a barrage of nostalgic hits. Before the show, rock fans young (but mostly old) littered the small casino in anticipation of a great night of rock and roll debauchery; they would not be disappointed.

Before the Crue would grace the crowd with its 32-year-old presence, local rockers Hinder took the stage to a nice reception. It was clear that many in attendance were not aware the band's original singer (who no one seemed to know the name of) would not be fronting the band on this night. Regardless, the new-aged-rockers belted out a few hits such as "Lips of an Angel," to respectable cheers, although some of the older rockers started with chants of "Crue! Crue! Crue!" as Hinder's set wound down.

After an abnormally long break, Motley Crue's intro tape hit and the crowd revved to a frenzy. The opening bass chords of "Red Hot" and the emergence of the band's singer, Vince Neil sent cell phone cameras flying high overhead as well as roars of excitement. Neil was in very top form on this night, hitting high notes on songs like "Livewire" that he previously allowed the crowd to sing in his stead. The band really began hitting their stride during the three song stretch that included their 2008 hit "Saints of Los Angeles," "Too Young to Fall In Love," and "Same Ol' Situation." The large (and cramped) crowd seemed to grow louder after each song and even wildly cheered on guitarist Mick Mars' short solo.

Unusually missing from a night of typical Motley mayhem was Tommy Lee whom appeared to be relegated to a backup role during this show. His playing was intense and precise, although his kit was barely visible to most fans. He did not perform a solo, or indulge in any "look at me" behavior which usually accompanies any Crue concert. He did receive a huge pop when he emerged from his kit to play the opening chords of "Home Sweet Home" which never fails to sent a nostalgic rock crowd swaying with delight. The final song of the night would be "Kickstart My Heart" from their most successful album, "Dr. Feelgood." A tune that proved to be the final nail in the coffin of a tremendous showing by a band who's live show has been ridiculed in the past for various reasons. The end could very well be near for this band, who has survived everything from ex-wives and death to reality shows and lawsuits. But it is clear that the masses (including the 10,000 plus in Miami) still clamor for their presence.


Red Hot
Louder than Hell
Saints of LA
Too Young to Fall in Love
Same Ol' Situation
Looks that Kill
Don't Go Away Mad
Shout at the Devil
MF of the Year
Too Fast for Love
Primal Scream
Dr. Feelgood
Girls Girls Girls
Home Sweet Home
Kickstart My Heart

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