Monday, January 3, 2011

Grade Card Time For KC Chiefs

After the Chiefs managed to squander the 3 seed in the NFL Playoffs yesterday, I figured it was time to pass out grades to Chiefs starting players and coaches. The Chiefs have now sewn up the 4 seed and will play the Ravens at home next Sunday at Arrowhead.


Matt Cassel- A. Cassel became a new QB in 2010 with Charlie Weis as OC. He threw 27 TD's to only 7 interceptions and should have been invited to the Pro Bowl.

Brodie Croyle- D. He only started 1 game and was not given much to work with, but just like each time Croyle stumbles out onto an NFL field...he lost. 0-11 as as starter and has certainly thrown his last pass in KC.

Tyler Palko- N/A. Luckily we didn't have to see much out of him.

Jamaal Charles- A+.  Finished second in the league in rushing and first in yards per carry. Pro Bowl player in 2010 and is the leagues best back.

Thomas Jones- B-. Gained a lot of tough yards for the Chiefs, but had way too many 1-2 yard gains. Almost reached 1,000 yards though and became the workhorse for this team.

Jackie Battle- C. Didn't have to play much, but did score a td against Jacksonville.

Tim Castille (FB)- C. Caught a few passes out of the backfield, and did his job as a blocking back.

Dwayne Bowe- B. Woah...Bowe made the Pro Bowl surely he deserves an A right? Wrong. Bowe dropped many crucial passes this season, two of which changed the outcomes of games. He is still learning to be a top level WR and proved he could be at times this season nabbing over 1,100 yards this season.

Chris Chambers- F. He married his stalker and starting sucking. BAD.

Verand Tucker-D. Solid special teamer. Cant' seem to get open against NFL corners.

Terrence Copper-F. Seriously, this man has played receiver for an NFL team?

Tony Moeaki-B. There's a new Tony in town and this time its rookie Tight End Tony Moeaki. Made great catches all year and proved to be Cassel's second target after Bowe. Promising young player

Offensive Line
Barry Richardson-D. Wayyyy too many penalties and had a meltodwn on the sidelines with a coach.

Brandon Albert- C+. Solid, if not unspectacular at this point in his career. Still has upside to be top notch NFL left tackle.

Casey Wiegmann- B. Played very well during his return season to KC.

Ryan Lilja-B+. Few penalties, didn't give up sacks. Very sure player. Nice pickup.

Brian Waters- A. Returned to pro bowl form in 2010.

Shaun Smith- B. A welcomed addition to the Chiefs line. Played very well at 3-4 end and helped eat up blocks all season. Big shout out to our boy DeepFreeze!

Tyson Jackson- F-. Thats right an F minus! This man is a bust thus far in his career. Surely will be cut after another year of single digit tackles.

Big Ron Edwards- C+. He's big, he eats up blocks. Thats a passing grade.

Wallace Gillberry- B+. Huge fan of HILLLBERRY's! he made plays all year while in the game.

Glenn Dorsey- C+-. Has become a solid player. Notched a few sacks and did his job all year long.

Derrick Johnson- B+- Dropped wayyyyyyy too many INT's but became the playmaker that the Chiefs needed at that position.

Javon Belcher- F. Not an NFL linebacker. Slow, misses assignments and is a bad football player.

Mike Vrabel- C. More of a coach than a player for this team. Still made a few plays when healthy and is a good leader.

Tamba Hali- A. Led the NFL in sacks and was held almost every single play from srimmage. Guy continues to impress.

Eric Berry- B. Had a rough start but really started to become a great tackler on defense. Had 3 INT's and an Ed Reed-esq pick six to boot. Big things coming from this talented rookie.

Kendrick Lewis-C. A tad slow in coverage but was amazingly sure for a rookie.

Brandon Flowers- B. Started off wonderfully but injuries mounted and he became a tad complacent. Still put together a very good season and is become one of NFL's best.

Brandon Carr- D. Had a good game against Denver, but was routinely out of place this season.

Todd Haley- B-. Went for it too much on fourth down, giving up punts, chip shot field goals and 22 year old supermodels to call a horrible fourth down play. But team has turned around under his watch.

Charlie Weis- B+. See MAtt Cassel.

Romeo Crennel- C+. Defense was better but not enough to warrant higher grade.

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